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With a wealth of experience gained working with LED lighting solutions and new backlighting technologies, Snodo can design and fabricate a wide variety of lighting products from signs, display cases, plaques and promotional panels to furnishings.

We use a laser, CNC and electronic spindle pantograph cutting machines to fabricate products in many different materials, such as Plexiglas, brass, steel, aluminium, plastics, wood, leather etc.

Our printing department boasts the latest digital printing technologies. Our flatbed printer can print any rigid flat surface up to 3×2 metres in size in extremely high definition and at high speed.

In addition to industrial processes, our company also offers a series of artisanal fabrication services for jobs requiring superior manual skills and master craftsmanship. Our highly experienced staff has the technical skills necessary to complement the use of technologically advanced machinery with special manual processes ranging from polishing metals to bending and adhesive-bonding methacrylate.